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Giving to Penn State?

I get asked from time to time, “Should I still give to PSU?” Well that is a very personal decision and one I can not make for others. We all care deeply about the students and the quality of their experience at PSU. I understand if someone postpones from donating to PSU today. Growing up my heart and loyalty were always 100% devoted to Penn State. There was never any question about my parents’ devotion either. Read more

Power versus Popularity – Part One

Debunking the First of Freeh’s Overarching Faulty Premises

More than four years have passed since Penn State’s Board of Trustees’ (BOT’s) Special Investigative Committee (SIC) purchased a report from Louis Freeh. While that report contained some good recommendations – especially regarding the size and makeup of the BOT – many scholars have pointed out its shortcomings and its unsubstantiated claim that four employees, including Joe Paterno (JVP), behaved with malicious intent. My family continues to petition and ask PSU leaders to read and evaluate for themselves how little Freeh’s conclusions about JVP are supported with any facts. More confounding than the lack of facts, there are several overarching premises contained in the Freeh report that set the tone for his unsubstantiated claims. By allowing such false premises, the reader is setup for accepting unsupported conclusions. The focus of this paper is on the first faulty premise that JVP “controlled every thing / knew everything that happened at PSU.” Read more