The purpose of this site is to advance truth and transparency. What happened is an affront to democracy. If it is not called out, then no one is safe from bullying by large affluent institutions. If we don’t identify what really failed to protect children, then we don’t repair the holes that will let this harm repeat itself again in the years and decades ahead.
David Paterno

Thank you for considering my opinion.  My name is David J. Paterno, and I am the oldest son of Suzanne and Joseph V Paterno. I was born and raised in State College, Pennsylvania, where my father worked for the local university. I graduated from Penn State in 1991 with a master degree in Engineering Science and Mechanics.  During the 90’s I worked for Motorola in Austin, Texas as a Process Engineer. 

My favorite quote from my first role at Motorola came from our Director of Statistical Process Control, Kevin Anderson: “In God we trust, all others bring data.” 

Today I reside in State College with my wife and family.

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