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APPENDIX A:       PSU Head Coach Job Description for highest Level (5)

*as pulled from publicly available Penn State’s Human Resources web site in 2016


Level 5 positions typically demonstrate awareness of broad issues and management trends and evaluate the impact of policy and procedure changes and adjust accordingly; apply management principles to ensure optimal performance throughout organization; ensure appropriate skills are developed and maintained at all levels of responsibility and realign staff responsibilities to meet desired changes in organization and/or University mission; develop plans, practices and efforts to ensure optimal support or diversity, safety, and environmental consciousness throughout the University; demonstrate high level of diplomacy in persuading and influencing a wide variety of people at various levels and locations to achieve results; develop and implement solutions to highly complex and often controversial problems that may have University-wide impact and establish new precedents for solving problems; develop and articulate broad goals and objectives for unit with multi-functions or University-wide impact; develop, evaluate, enhance, and/or implement quality improvement practices, processes, procedures, or policies that have a strategic impact on University operations.

Typical Education & Experience
10+ years related experience

Bachelor’s Degree or higher


Typical Work Duties
  • Hire, supervise, mentor, and evaluate Assistant Coaches/Associate Head Coaches
  • Coordinate a complex recruiting system which includes an extensive network and processes to identify, evaluate, recruit, and retain top prospective student-athletes
  • Coordinate the athletic grant-in-aid process by interacting with athletic and University-wide units
  • Establish and enhance the competitive schedule, coordinate team travel, and maintain compliance with University guidelines per class hour missed
  • Respond to numerous media requests at the local, regional and national level; serve as a spokesperson for the team, the athletic department and the University at large
  • Promote the team and the University locally, regionally, and nationally; foster efforts to secure sponsorships
  • Coordinate practice planning, skill development, and design coaching tactics/strategies which prepare team for competition; determine the starting line-up, substitution patterns, and game day strategies and tactics; may serve as a clinician/expert at coaching conventions
  • Establish and enforce rules of conduct as well as mentor student-athletes to foster athletic, academic, emotional, and social growth; determine and implement disciplinary sanctions if student-athletes fail to comply with team, athletic department, and/or University rules and regulations
  • Collaborate with athletic and University units – admissions, financial aid, medical services, academic support, judicial affairs, student-athlete services, international programs, and compliance office
  • Oversee booster clubs to ensure compliance with University, conference, and NCAA rules and regulations; assist in the coordination of booster club efforts with those of the Athletic Department/University
  • Collaborate with development office to identify, cultivate, steward, and solicit donor prospects for the sport and intercollegiate athletics; lead efforts to encourage
  • Collaborate with Varsity S Club Director in planning and promoting events for former student-athletes; establish clear and effective communication with former student-athletes
  • Manage the operational budget while demonstrating fiscal responsibility and support cost containment initiatives
  • Oversee the purchase and inventory of uniforms and equipment
  • Support professional development of Assistant Coaches and Associate Head Coaches by providing expanded responsibilities and leadership opportunities; provide feedback through regular appraisals and annual performance reviews; establish a system/mechanism to fully prepare Assistant Coaches to become Head Coaches
  • Oversee sport camps in support of athletics and the University; ensure the growth and future viability of sport camps
  • Provide leadership in representing athletics in community service efforts and assist with larger University-wide efforts
  • Adhere to University, conference, and NCAA rules and regulations; oversee activities of Assistant Coaches, staff, boosters, and student-athletes to verify compliance with a clear mandate to self-report any violations
  • Provide leadership for other staff by endorsing the mission and core values of athletics; articulate the mission and core values to alumni, University, business, and community groups; serve on athletic committees and task forces; may serve on University-wide committees
  • May represent athletics and the University by serving on conference, NCAA, or sport governing boards (e.g., Olympic Games Committee)

This profile is intended to indicate the kinds of tasks and levels of work difficulty that will be required of positions in this job title and should not be construed as declaring what the specific duties and responsibilities of any particular position shall be. It is not intended to limit or in any way modify the right of any supervisor to assign, direct, and control the work of employees under his/her supervision. The use of a particular expression or illustration describing duties should not be held to exclude other duties not mentioned that are of a similar kind or level of difficulty.

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